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Why Biometrics

Why Fortress Identity Digital ID Verification and Authentication As A Service Solutions

Fortress Identity uses the inherent functions of what you HAVE (smartphone) with who you ARE (face, fingerprint, voice) and how you BEHAVE (type, touch, rhythm) to ensure it’s really you logging in or making the transaction.

The dangers of passwords

From consumers to enterprises, weakness in traditional text-based passwords has caused massive data breaches, identity theft, and fraud. Complex passwords, two-tier authentication, pins and tokens, also have been hacked at every level.

The cost associated with passwords

As data breaches are occurring at all levels, IT support costs are rising to protect vulnerabilities in customer applications and sensitive data, employee email accounts, networks and websites.

Deploying the Fortress Identity Biometric identification platform and adopting best practices enables organizations to reduce fraud and associated help desk costs from password resets.

Fortress Identity is:


By unobtrusively analyzing user actions, Fortress Identity makes it fast and easy for customers and employees to access systems or verify transactions.


Fortress Identity Mobile SDK works with most iOS and Android smartphones or tablets.


Fortress Identity Citrix and Microsoft Active Directory solutions add AI-powered biometric identity management to corporate intranets and extranets.