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About Fortress Identity

Is Fortress Identity a U.S. company?

Yes. Fortress Identity is USA based Delaware corporation.

How long has Fortress Identity been in business?

Fortress Identity was founded in 2015.

What is Fortress Identity’s corporate mission?

Strengthen trust between organizations, their employees, and customers.

What are Fortress Identity’s principal product lines?

Active and passive biometric identity solutions for Android and iOS mobile devices, Citrix and Microsoft Active Directory environments.

Who are Fortress Identity’s strategic partners?

Fortress Identity currently partners with Early Warning. Citrix and Microsoft.

In what vertical markets does Fortress Identity specialize?

Financial services, healthcare, Insurance and applications development companies are early adopters of biometric identification solutions. Every company to securely protect accesses and data.

How often will Fortress Identity update its main products?

At Fortress security is very important. We are constantly improving our base product line and developing new multimodal, multi-factor biometric identity solutions.

Who are Fortress Identity’s principal investors?

Fortress Identity is privately funded by financial services industry leaders.

Does Fortress Identity provide technical support to developers?

Yes. We provide full support to our customers and offer a variety of Service Level Agreements (SLA) that fit the needs of our customers. We strive to create long and stable partnership for your business.

How Industries are using biometrics

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