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Fortress Identity's Products and Solutions
User Authentication made simple with Compound Biometrics

Fortress Identity FortressBA

Fortress Identity Biometric Authenticator (FortressBA)

Simplify user authentication and increase your security by eliminating passwords

Onboard, Authenticate and Continuously KYC (know your customer) in one low code platform.

  • Implement true multi-factor authentication (MFA) with compound biometrics
  • Continuously KYC with API connections to due diligence systems
  • Streamline onboarding new customers with our advanced AI ID validation technology

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Easily incorporate compound biometric authentication to also secure:

Mobile SDK

iOS and Android applications

Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory environments


Citrix applications

Fortress Identity products provide:

Active and passive biometrics

Active and passive biometrics

Multiple modalities:

Multiple modalities

Voice, fingerprint, face and behavior

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication